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Music & Arts related news from Chicago-based web media, featuring thoughts and insight from some of the city’s most dedicated writers.

  • Three Beats: A prepared-piano preview of A John Cage Festival

    A preview of A John Cage Festival, a posthumous party for Sandy Bull, and a birthday bash for Underground Communique
    by Peter Margasak, Bill Meyer and Kevin Warwick
    CLASSICAL | Peter Margasak September 5 is the centennial of John Cage’s birth, a landmark in the classical world—throughout the year concerts, lectures, and other commemorations will honor his music and philosophies.…[ Read more][ Subscribe to the comments on this story ]
  • Congress Theater responds to complaints

    As he faces a Deleterious Impact/Public Nuisance Hearing at City Hall, Congress Theater owner Erineo “Eddie” Carranza maintains that his frequently criticized venue is “no better in condition or no worse in condition” than other…

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