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Our (fairly) regular roundup of Music & Arts related news from Chicago-based web media, featuring thoughts and insight from some of the city’s most dedicated writers.

  • Spiritualized transcends again

    For three decades, Jason Pierce simultaneously has been one of rock’s most notorious yet most productive addictive personalities.

  • The Secret History of Chicago Music: Cindy Mangsen

    There’s still time to appreciate underrecognized folksinger Cindy Mangsen: she released a duo album with her husband in January.
    by Plastic Crimewave

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  • About those special releases

    A little practical guidance for choosing among the nearly 300 special Record Store Day releases
    by Miles Raymer
    There are two main ways to approach Record Store Day: You could celebrate like the devoted record geeks for whom the holiday was at least partly invented (and like the opportunistic eBay scum who have since latched onto it), gathering intelligence on which stores are stocking which exclusives and camping out in front of them for hours before their doors open. Or you could do what I do: cruise around, check out the most interesting-looking events, and see what stuff those stores have left after the rush.…

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