DJ Albert (aka Shift) – Seattle, WA

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A Chicago native recently transplanted to the northwest, DJ Shift’s (Albert Loo) initial forays into electronic music were heavily shaped by the industrial and new wave sounds championed by the city’s Wax Trax Records. He would then later be inspired by the 90’s Midwest rave scene where his musical vocabulary grew as he was exposed to legendary djs such as Derrick Carter, Derrick May, Surgeon, and Richie Hawtin. When the Midwest rave scene died in the late 90s and along with it the techno sounds that Shift had found himself leaning more and more towards, he and his friends started the successful Meiotic crew ( in 2002 and worked with like-minded members of the Chicago dance music community to raise awareness of artists they felt had not received the proper exposure to North American audiences. As a DJ who is open to all music, Shift draws upon disparate influences and experiences to create sets that ebb from the sublime minimal to funky to banging, with a focus on forward thinking tracks that retain a strong dancefloor edge. This sensibility has blessed Shift with gigs in Chicago and Detroit and the pleasure of opening for artists such as Michael Mayer, Dan Bell, Losoul, MANDY, and Jeff Mills. Currently, Albert is involved in the northwest scene with a new crew named Condiment where he continually strives to perfect his craft while keeping the floor shaking.

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